Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Begin at the Beginning

Starting a blog is an awkward thing. I just looked back to see how I had begun my other blog, Heston's Nature Notes. It began with a brief hello/introduction type of thing. That seems funny now, because I doubt that many folks go all the way back in the archives to read those old entries. So to start out this one, I am just going to jump right in.

I know, a good place to start might be to say why I chose the title It's Just Knitting. Heaven knows, the internet probably doesn't need another knitting blog. Is there really that much to say about it? After all, it's just knitting....But catch me on another day, and I might say something like this: I know it's just knitting, but today that is what saved my sanity. That small phrase can have some very different meanings, depending on how things are going. This blog is my little writing corner to share with whomever my thoughts and ideas on that old craft.

Knitting can be more than a little addictive. Some days, it can be an obsession. Other times, it is an oasis. And still others, it can be a total frustration. But through it all, I have to remind myself that it is just knitting.

Current project: Cassidy's Cap from ChicKnits
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted, Cobalt Blue

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